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Our Medicare

& Beyond Class

Our Medicare and Beyond Class starts from the very beginning of what Medicare is. Learning about how Medicare Part A and B works to what is your Medicare Part B Monthly Premium (Including IRMAA - Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount). We will explain the difference in the two paths you can choose from which are the Original Medicare (Medicare Supplement) to Medicare Advantage. As well as cover how Part D Drug plans work. We will also cover some of the many laws and programs you might be eligible for (Medicare Savings Program, Asset Protection from Nursing Homes, etc.)

Our Comprehensive Retirement Class

The Comprehensive Retirement Class is a class designed to guide you on all the things you should start thinking about when it comes to Retirement.

When should you start collecting Social Security? Is Life Insurance an option at your age to get. Making sure you have the proper legal documents for Retirement. How do you protect those assets if ever you need care for yourself or a loved one? These are just some of the many topics we will cover. This class you won't want to miss!

Whether you are 55 or 75, you will learn something new from one of our classes.

Each of our classes is designed to educate you on all of your optioFootor Senior Planning ns that you might be eligible for. From deciding which path to choose for Medicare to helping you figure out the whole world of retirement and to what you should start planning now to do. Our Classes we offer are 100% educational and our Guarantee is that you will leave being more knowledgeable.

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